Top 5 Benefits of Nasal Breathing

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Top 5 Benefits of Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing is optimal.  Proper nasal breathing is accomplished through the nose, and there are many benefits to it. When a person breathes through their nose, they produce a gas called nitric oxide. This gas has an enormous amount of benefits.  The following are the top 5 benefits of Nasal breathing.  

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  1. Produces health benefits in Covid19 patients.

When you breathe through the nose, the “paranasal sinuses continually produce nitric oxide (NO), a reactive oxygen species that diffuses to the bronchi and lungs to produce bronchodilatory and vasodilatory effects. Studies indicate that NO may also help to reduce respiratory tract infection by inactivating viruses and inhibiting their replication in epithelial cells.”(Martel,J.; et al.)

  1. Esthetics

Breathing through the nose helps to provide a proper Orofacial balance by assisting in the tonicity of the Orofacial muscles. When an individual predominantly breathes through the mouth, muscle weakness is established in the orofacial muscles; therefore, creating an imbalance of the muscles. This imbalance will then contribute to craniofacial changes, giving the appearance of a less attractive face.

  1. Attractive smile

Nasal breathing aides in the tonicity of the orbicularis Oris muscle, which is the muscle that surrounds the lips. The tonicity of this muscle is very important in maintaining an attractive smile. This muscle acts like a natural retainer for the teeth, in which case aides in maintaining a straight, attractive beautiful smile. Unfortunately, if mouth breathing is predominant, malocclusions or crooked teeth will take the lead.

  1. Helps prevent asthmatic attacks

There are many reasons why a person may be prone to having an asthmatic attack, but when mouth breathing is present, it increases your chances. Breathing through the mouth helps to create overbreathing, which can then lead to hyperventilation and exacerbation of the asthmatic symptoms. The opening of the mouth is much larger than the two small nostrils; and if breathing is not done properly through the nose, the air will not be properly filtered prior to entering the body. 

  1. Regulates blood pressure

As previously mentioned, the production of Nitric Oxide during nasal breathing has many benefits; another one of those benefits is it’s vasodilating property.  Nitric oxide helps to dilate the blood vessels in the body and aides with regulating blood pressure. During mouth breathing there’s a lack of Nitric Oxide production; just breathing through the mouth will contribute to over-breathing, which will then create imbalances throughout your body keeping you in a constant fight or flight situation.


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